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Dear patients, relatives and friends!

  • You can visit your relatives and friends 24/7 and inquire about their condition by the phone (499) 245-00-03 (by a patient’s consent).
  • Our patients can talk with their relatives and friends by phone as phone lines are installed in all our wards. 
  • Every bed comes with the alarm button for on-duty stuff. Don’t neglect this option!
  • If you want to cook or heat up a dish for a patient you can do it in a special room.
  • If you are willing, stay with the patient around the clock. We guarantee very comfortable conditions.
  • We gladly take a patient out for a walk or provide one with all necessary if one wants to do independantly.
  • We try to make the conditions in the hospice as close to homely atmosphere as possible. If you have any questions related to changing your usual life mode (smoking, your favorite books, music, etc.) talk to on-duty staff.
  • All forms of material stimulation of our personnel by friends and relatives of our patients are strictly prohibited. Nevertheless, we would appreciate your help in tending our fishes and birds as well as buying oil and candles for our chapel. (There are donation boxes in the chapel and hall).
  • Please leave medicaments, jewelry and money at home before your hospitalization. It is really difficult for us to store and secure your personal belongings in the hospice.
  • We welcome your house-making assistance. Just talk to our matron.
    If you have any questions, speak to any member of our team to solve the problem.


      We are working for you!


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