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   Volunteer Code

Volunteer Code

  1. Respect religious, philosophical and other patient's values. They are the core of his or her inner life. There must be no pressure from our part.
  2. Don't procrastinate if you promised your help to a patient. It might be too late tomorrow.
  3. When communicating with patients remember:
    • Patient's desires and interests are the foundation of your relationships. Our open heart and ability to listen can triumph over the feeling of desolation;
    • Be moderate in your emotions and movements. Don't fuss around. This way you show the patients that you understand their condition;
    • Exclude harsh and flat expressions from your speech. Reversely, mild and conditional structures help to create the atmosphere of mutual trust.
  4. Don't discuss the patient's personal life; keep confidentiality.
  5. Leave the burden of all your unsolved problems at home. Don't shift it off on the patient's shoulders.
  6. Take up only the work you can handle. Every little thing, though it may look insignificant, is very important for the hospice.
  7. Accomplish the work that you have undertaken and don't shift it off on your colleagues. Don't forget to thank other volunteers for their help.
  8. Kindness, tolerance and honesty will help us in our joint efforts.
  9. Be attentive to the requests and critical remarks of the hospice personnel. Don't feel offended if a staff member has not found time to thank you for your good work.
  10. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, don't rush. Seek advice from the volunteers and personnel. Attend the volunteers' meetings on the regular basis. It will help to organize and coordinate our activities.
  11. Don't blame your colleague but openly address the problem. Don't make hasty conclusions. Condemnation is destructive whereas open discussion suggests the right solution.
  12. Listen to your colleagues' opinion and have no fear of changing your customary work in the hospice. Quite possibly, new activity might be more useful for the hospice and will help you to reach your potential.
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