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What can one do?


It depends on what you can and what the hospice needs. There is plenty of work to be done in the hospice: sweeping, mopping, washing windows, minor repairs, landscaping and looking after flower beds and gardens… 

Our nurses always need assistance. If you feel prepared to work with our patients your help may include taking them out for a walk, nourishing, sitting by the bed-side, reading the patient a book or just listening his or her life-story. You may also shave one of our male-patients or make haircut or manicure to a woman. Eventually you might develop confidential relations with a patient and he or she won’t feel shy to ask you to pass something to his relatives or to buy something special for him. 

If you play any musical instrument it may stand us a good stead as you please our patient with a piece of good music.

You really can do a lot! Just try!


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